Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

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Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

With the arrival of fall comes the opportunity to redecorate your apartment to match this wonderful time of year. Below are some tips to help make the transition from summer to fall quick and easy.

Look to the Leaf: Add oranges & reds to the décor in the living room or bathroom. Deep colors including; browns, maroons, along with touches of green hues (use a photo of a fall leaf for inspiration) can bring the fall season to life inside your apartment.

Get that Healthy Fall Feeling: Although eating apples should be a year ‘round activity, apples make great fall decorations too! So head out and grab a bushel or a barrel full of these sweet treats and display them proudly on the counter or end table in your apartment. This is one decorative display that you can encourage the kids to grab! Who knows, they just might snack on something healthy for a change.

Fill it up: Fill empty jars and vases with colorful leaves, acorns and decorative branches that you find around the apartment complex. This will help beautify your shelves or table tops. This is an easy DIY project for the kids to help with too!

Dollar Store Haul: The dollar store is a great place to pick up some great fall decorations to experiment with. Go ahead create your own fall arrangements! Your inner artist may emerge and you could create a beautiful fall decoration that will be the envy of all your neighbors!

Be Bedding Bold: Purchase a new set of sheets, pillow cases or comforter set that reflects the fall season. There are plenty of colors to work with-that’s the beauty of the fall. Plus “warming” up the room with deep colors can really help you sleep more soundly and comfortably-you can look it up, it’s true!

Light a Candle: With the days getting shorter and sunlight ducking out earlier every day, lighting candles at the dinner table or just leaving scented candles around your house can sometimes be enough to spread a little fall joy.

Throw Some Pillows: Fall is the perfect time to pull out those cozy knit throws or blankets to leave on the couch for those chilly evenings. Also, put out some extra pillows for getting comfy with while you’re shut in for the next couple of months.

Sweet Treat: Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious! Grab some candy corn or other decorative candy and leave them in covered bowls around the apartment. Be sure not to overdo it.

Cooking Good: Grab the kids or the hubby and have a fall cooking party. Bake savory cookies and cakes that will fill the apartment with the sweet smells of the season. Pumpkin cookies, banana bread and apple pies are all good items to create and enjoy!

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