How to be a Good Neighbor in Your Apartment Complex

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There are a lot of things to strive for these days…world peace, a winning lottery ticket, or a good cup of coffee. But most folks would simply be happy with a quiet, friendly neighbor in their apartment complex. Below are some great dos and don’ts on how to be a good apartment dweller-one who is revered as “perfect”-by the other tenants and neighbors.

Late Night Wars

In an apartment for rent it’s easy to forget that your neighbors as sitting just two layers of sheetrock away. So if you like to stay up late to watch the late night talk shows, or take in an action flick you may want to be conscious of the volume of your TV or surround sound system. You may get to sleep-in tomorrow, but other folks may have to get up early. Remembering this little trick can make you an action hero in your home and with your neighbors.

It’s Party Time

Having a party or get-together in your apartment this weekend? Be considerate to your fellow apartment renters by letting them know a day or two in advance that you will be having a birthday party for Jimmy, or an anniversary party for Sue. By letting your neighbors know what to expect they’ll be more prepared for the festivities. Also, alert the supervisor of your apartment complex that there may be a bunch of extra cars in the parking lot that day; he may even suggest a great place for them to park.

Puppy Love

Who doesn’t love a cute adorable snuggly puppy? Your next door neighbor that’s who! So, if you do have a canine member of the family in your rental apartment, make sure he or she doesn’t have a barking problem or messy bathroom habits. Be courteous and remember your dog is an extension of you, if your neighbors don’t like your dog they might not take a shine to you. Tip: Why not introduce your furry friend to your neighbors. Their soft fur and puppy dog eyes might just turn a dog-hater into a puppy-lover!

If You See Something…

Pay attention in your apartment complex. Don’t be a snoop, but be a conscientious apartment watchdog. If you see Mrs. Jones struggling with a package, go out and give her a hand. If you hear Mr. Smith is under-the-weather, offer to pick up his mail or walk his dog (see what we did there?). Being a good apartment renter and neighbor goes well beyond just keeping to yourself. Remember the old saying…”It takes a village.”

Suds and Duds

Sharing a laundry area with fellow apartment dwellers can be a source of frustration-but it doesn’t have to be! First, be glad that you have the ability to do your laundry just steps away from you home. Most folks have to lug their laundry clear across town. So here are a couple of tips…when you start your laundry set yourself an alarm so you remember to go back to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer. And if you see someone’s clothes at the end of their cycle, don’t just toss them in a ball on the table, be nice and show some restraint. Also, clean up after yourself. Remember this is a shared space. Don’t wait for someone else to clean it up. Take initiative! Go ahead, be that person!


Renting an apartment on Long Island or New York City doesn’t usually come with a handbook so we hope these tips help make your experience renting an apartment easy and comfortable. Find out more, contact Heatherwood today by calling 631.234.1600 or click here for more information.

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