New Year Resolutions that’ll make you a Hero in your Apartment Complex

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Most folks make resolutions that they typically end up breaking-oh, let’s say-somewhere around January 2nd! Most declarations frequently sound like this: “This year, I’m going to save more money,” “I’m finally going to quit smoking,” or, “I’m cutting out sugar and fatty foods” (you get the idea). But here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions that every apartment renter can easily keep.

There’s no App for This!

Social networking is a relatively new concept for your computer and your smartphone, but being “social” in an apartment complex is something that has been around for decades! There’s no special equipment or expensive gear you need to haul around-you’ve got everything you need with you every day! And the best part is? It’s FREE! Some awesome social traits include; your smile, your facial expressions and your all-around good behavior. These actions prove to everyone that you are a social giant in the community! So this year, resolve to visit the pool or gym more often, attend social events that are routinely organized in the community centers, or simply spend more time on the sundeck with your neighbors. Be the “social butterfly” you’ve always thought you could be… you’ll be surprised by the results.

There’s no place like…

Some apartment dwellers have the attitude that their apartment is temporary, a place just to “hang their hat” for a while. Well did you know that the majority of apartment renters (especially here at Heatherwood) end up staying in their apartment for years because they love the convenience of an apartment and the luxuries they are provided. A great resolution you can make this year is to treat your apartment more like a home -not just a temporary stop on the train of life. Things you can do include; paying special attention to the areas in-and-around your unit and keeping the space in front of your apartment clean and free from debris. Or, if you see something that needs repair in the laundry pavilion, in the kids play area or parking lot simply bring it to the attention of your maintenance supervisor-they’ll be glad you did-and you’ll appreciate your apartment living even more! Go ahead; reward yourself with a sweet treat for a job well done.

First Class Amenities

You’ve spent an entire year in your apartment and you just realized you haven’t used the amenities even once! This year, make a point of taking advantage of the facilities that are available to you in your community. Try to visit the outdoor pools more often, workout in the fitness center, spend time in the common areas, shoot a game of billiards with a friend, or set up a card game in the community center with the ladies from building 6. All of the amenities at your apartment complex are complimentary-so this year-why not vow to get more use out of these conveniences. Who knows, you may even make a new friend or two.

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