Your Top 5 Rental Questions…Answered!

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When renting an apartment on Long Island or in New York City, it pays to know the right questions to ask a prospective landlord or leasing agent. As one of the top luxury rental companies on the east coast, Heatherwood is pleased to share some of our best “trade secrets” with you! It’s okay, you can thank us later!

Terms and Conditions may apply

Unlike those long-winded terms and conditions you’ll see on various websites (that no-one actually reads!), when renting an apartment the “fine print” is always important. Make sure to read, and re-read these documents before you sign.

Walk on By

Ask your leasing agent if you can come by the community during the day and during evening hours. Things usually have a way of revealing themselves when you’re not around. So, ask if it is ok if you spend some time in the community center or just walking around the complex. While you’re there, listen for any odd noises, like trains, dogs barking, loud music and so on.


Make sure your apartment is free from exterior noise that may keep you up at night.

Play by the Rules

Ask about the rules regarding the area that surrounds your apartment. For example; can tenants leave bikes and children’s toys in front of their apartments or on the sidewalks? What are the rules in the parking lot if you or other tenants are having overnight guests?

VIP Access

Luxury Rental communities routinely offer residents first class amenities like pools, fitness centers, community centers and recreation rooms (just to name a few). Easy questions to ask are, “How do I access these features?” “Is there a ‘key’ or ‘pass-card’ I will be given?” And, “What are the facilities hours of operation?” Bonus question! Ask if membership is limited to just residents of your complex or if guests are allowed.

Who you gonna’ call?

Find out if there is a set of emergency numbers, a call-center or answering service that is available to you if you need assistance after 5pm (when, presumably, everyone has gone home for the night). Having someone who is responsive to your call will make you even more relaxed in your new apartment. Also, ask if it is okay to meet the complex supervisor so you can get a feel for the person you may need to communicate with in the future.


Make sure you have a list of emergency phone numbers for your apartment complex.

Luxury apartments for rent can always be found at Heatherwood. We’ll help you choose the perfect Suffolk or NYC locale and apartment that suits your lifestyle. For more information or to schedule a tour, call (631) 775-2290 or click here to contact us today!

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