Brooklyn; a Brief History of the Borough

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“Yo Brooklyn!” Arguably the most popular borough of them all thanks to folks like; Jackie Gleason, the Beastie Boys and Eddie Murphy! But Brooklyn wasn’t always the popular mecca of artistry and luxury apartment rentals as it is today. Brooklyn was once a fledgling borough searching for its identity and getting out from under the shadow of the early Dutch settlers.

What’s in a Name
Brooklyn began way back in the 17th Century as a small Dutch-founded town dubbed “Breuckelen,” by its inhabitants after a town of the same name in the Netherlands. Six Dutch settlements on southwestern Long Island then became known as Kings County.

The 71 square mile parcel was the site for many turf wars and has changed hands over the years from Dutch, to English, to finally the victorious American settlers who came to call this land home. Brooklyn’s tumultuous history finally comes to rest during the turn of the 19th century and Brooklyn begins its rise to worldwide notoriety.

The Bridge
Connecting residents of Brooklyn to the Island of Manhattan proved to be a landmark undertaking. With the construction of the now famous Brooklyn Bridge (completed in 1883) transportation to Manhattan was no longer hindered by water travel only, but now a simple walk or buggy ride across its span forever linked the City of Brooklyn to New York City.

Diversity is Brooklyn’s Personality
From the beginning Brooklyn was a diverse group of peoples gathered together sharing food, art, music and literature. This diversity still continues today (save for the latest gentrification that is currently taking place) in some areas in Brooklyn. The “Brooklyn Accent” is often depicted in many TV and Movies as “the” typical New York Accent and is synonymous with some ethnic groups and historic bloodlines in the city.

Neighborhoods to Know
Brooklyn Heights
: Posh row houses placed along tree-lined streets with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.
Jamaica Bay / Rockaway Beach: Fish, surf, eat; golf, all in New York City.
Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy): Historic buildings, restaurants & live entertainment.
Red Hook: A rough-and-tumble neighborhood along a rugged shoreline
Dumbo: Takes its name from its unique location; Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is an artistic location with; concert halls, shopping and re-born factory spaces.
Greenpoint: Vintage shops, Polish food, live music and the farthest point north in Brooklyn.
Brighton Beach: Filled with authentic Russian markets and night clubs
Park Slope: Poets and microbreweries abound! There are antiques, odd-and-ends shops and cool eateries.
Williamsburg: See thriving art galleries, a bustling nightlife and hip restaurants. Considered one of the trendiest spots in NYC.
Bushwick: Up-and-coming neighborhood with arts, nightlife, and fashionable dining
Prospect Park: A giant park (some say it rivals Manhattan’s Central Park) and home to Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden.
Carroll Gardens: Tightly packed houses, great shopping, and plenty of tasty restaurants
Fort Greene and Clinton Hill: Culture, history and charm.
Cobble Hill: Art, fine food and a bustling nightlife.
Coney Island: Full of romantic history, the boardwalk, hot dogs and amusement. 

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