Don’t Rent Your First Apartment Until You Read This!

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Everyone dreams of this day…moving out and getting your own apartment! But, failing to properly plan may have you crawling back home to Mom and Dad only to hear the obligatory…“I told you so!” (Don’t let this happen to you!). Follow these simple rules below to learn how a little planning now, can save you big embarrassment later.

Make a List!

Seems pretty simple right? But there are so many things to consider when moving into an apartment on Long Island or in New York City. Failing to prepare appropriately may have you forgetting even the most obvious of things.

Some examples of things to put on your list include;

  • Consider the distance from your new apartment to your place of employment.
  • Ask yourself, do you want to live on the first or second floor? Or, in the case of a mid-rise or high-rise apartment complex, is the 28th floor just too high?
  • Is the apartment complex pet friendly?
  • Is the luxury apartment buildings lease agreement month-to-month or multi-year?
  • How easy is it to file maintenance request?

You get the idea. Make a list of things that are important to you. This is a great first step towards a successful lease agreement and long term living experience.

Budget For Your Apartment Correctly

When it comes to budgeting for your monthly apartment rent costs your new mantra should be…”Be Realistic.” It’s true we all want to live like a rock star in our apartment, but some of us just aren’t able to live like Beyoncé! So first-things-first, grab a pen and plan out your monthly expenses. Chances are you have a cell phone payment; you’ll need food, gas, as well as other monthly expenses. All of these things will significantly eat into your finances, leaving you with only a certain portion of your income for monthly rent. If you can’t afford the price the landlord is asking, don’t waste your time (or theirs), go ahead and look for a location that is more suited to your budget and your needs. Finally, “be prepared,” if you find something the fits all your criteria, be ready to leave a deposit (don’t forget your checkbook!). You won’t want to lose the perfect place for lack of being prepared.

Get Smart, Dress Smart, Be Smart

When looking for an apartment on Long Island, and especially in NYC, it is wise to treat meetings with landlords or leasing agents the same as you would a job interview.
Here’s some advice:

  • Dress up! Look neat and act professional.
  • Be ‘on-time’ for apartment tours and lease signings.
  • Speak slowly and professionally, relax and show confidence.
  • Have your credit and personal references in order.
  • Make sure you have proper identification.
  • Have a list of important questions about the apartment complex or the luxury rental building (they’ll be glad that you took the time to do your research and show interest in their location)

Read, Learn, Abide

Don’t just read the lease…live it! There is nothing worse than going through the motions with a leasing agent–hearing about “where you’re allowed to go” in the complex, “when you’re allowed to be in the pool,” typical hours of operation in the “fitness center,” and then just blowing-all-those-instructions-off when you finally move-in! There is nothing wrong with being a model tenant (go ahead, be that person!). Read the lease; learn all about your apartment complex or the luxury apartment buildings’ rules and regulations. You’ll be the envy of all the other tenants (and the landlord) if you live by the rules!

Move in Day!

Don’t be a rude neighbor on your first day. It’s a fact, current residents will be curious to see who you are. They will want to look at you and your stuff…it’s just human nature! So, be prepared to meet people, shake hands and smile–even though you may be tired and your hands may be filled with boxes and so on. Neighbors will remember their first impressions of you and this could set the tone of the rest of your relationship with them while you are living there. It may be hard at first, but this is an important factor to harmonious community living.

Being a first time apartment renter can be a stressful, but exciting time! Do you know someone who is looking for an apartment on Long Island or in New York City? Share this post with them on Facebook, Twitter or email them this post directly! Want to learn more about the process of renting an apartment? Read more here.

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