9 Pool Etiquette Rules for Apartment Renters

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Sharing the community swimming pool with fellow apartment renters can sometimes be as uncomfortable as having lunch, or riding in an elevator with a stranger…but it doesn’t have to be that way! Below is some wonderful advice that’ll take the heat out of sharing the pool in your apartment complex.

1.     Follow the posted “pool rules”

Every apartment complex has different rules that need to be adhered to. Some communities have a “no inflatables” policy. Others don’t allow guests and so on…so whatever rules your particular apartment complex has posted, please abide by them. Nobody wants to lose their pool privileges, especially on a 90 degree day!

2.     Watch Out! I’ve got Sunblock Spray!

Sunscreen is definitely not like it used to be. Bottled suntan lotions have given-way to sprays and pumps. So this summer, while you apply your SPF 70, try not to spray your fellow swimmers and sundeck occupants. It’s good practice to be safe from the suns’ damaging rays, but some folks prefer to apply their own sunblock.
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3.     Have a Seat?

Getting down to the pool early snagging the best lounge chair, or the seat that is perfectly situated in the shade is an age old practice. But don’t be selfish by staking your claim and then heading back to your apartment for two or three hours. Share these chairs and lounge space with others, you’ll be a better person for it and who knows…someone may give you their seat in the future just to pay-it-forward.

4.     That Swimsuit…Suits You

Dressing appropriately for a day at the pool should be foremost in everyone’s mind, so please be courteous and responsible with your attire as you will be sharing this space with families and friends.

5.     We got the Beat

We all love to hear our favorite summer songs while at the pool or the beach. Unfortunately not everyone likes your particular taste in music or the volume in which it is played. So, the code word for this rule is…headphones! Or, if earbuds are not your thing, just be aware of the volume of your radio or mp3 player.

6.     Watch your Language

Again, this should go without saying, but apartment complex pools, as well as the fitness centers, laundry pavilions, playgrounds and so on, are all places you share with other apartment residents. So these areas are the places where you should be on your best behavior!

7.     Dog Gone it

Your dog swimming in a pool might make for a great YouTube video, but it is definitely not a good idea for your apartment’s community pool! Keeping pets out of the pool is probably part of your apartment renter’s policy already. So leave your dog back in the apartment, they’ll be happy to be inside, in the air conditioning, taking nap.

8.     Splish Splash

While mom and dad like a relaxing day in the sun, kids will be kids, and part of their fun is splashing and spraying water here, there and everywhere! But this activity can sometimes be a problem for passers-by as they might get caught in the crossfire. So please…tell your children to refrain from splashing and doing acrobatic moves while in the pool. It can be distracting and dangerous for everyone.

9.     Clean and Green

After a great day of fun in the sun; eating snacks, soaking your towel and breaking your flip-flop, it’s time to head back to your apartment and call it a day. But before you go…make sure you clean up after yourself! Pick up your empty wrappers, water bottles or food items to leave it tidy for the next group of people that will follow. This is just good etiquette and something your maintenance crew will thank you for later.

Many Heatherwood Luxury Rental complexes have pools on the premises for all our residents! And for those who do not have their own community pools, neighboring communities have kiddie and adult pools for your convenience. Just remember your pool etiquette when you arrive for the day and, pack up for the night.

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