7 Things You Won’t Need to do While Renting an Apartment at Heatherwood!

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The best part about renting an apartment at Heatherwood is all the things you “won’t” have to do as a resident at one of our luxury rental communities. Below is a quick list of things you can scratch-off your to-do list…because we do them for you!

Post No Bills

Rip up your water and heating bills and tell all your friends…you get them for free! At Heatherwood, included in your monthly rent, is free heat and hot water! Take a long shower and stay toasty warm during the winter…as a Heatherwood resident, you’ve earned it!

Grass is always Greener

At Heatherwood, our grounds are meticulously maintained and landscaped to perfection. You won’t have to mow, sweep, edge, or water the grass in our communities…it’s all done for you. Go ahead, stop and smell the roses!

Rolling in the Deep

Never vacuum a pool or test the chemicals again! Heatherwood Luxury Rentals takes care of the pools for our residents on a daily basis so the water always remains crystal clear! Just grab your suit, towel and sunscreen and you’re good to go!

Clean and Green

Ever move into an apartment and find that nothing has been cleaned or prepared for your arrival? That will never happen when you rent an apartment at Heatherwood. On move-in day, your place will be spic and span and ready to go. We prepare, so you don’t have to!

Gym Dandy!

Forget the gym membership! Heatherwood residents get access to our state of the art fitness facilities included with their monthly rent. Work out when it’s convenient for you. Ask about our gym hours and access.

Grillin’ & Chillin’

Think you won’t be able to live without your favorite grilled foods? Now you won’t have to! At select Heatherwood Luxury Rental communities there’s FREE open-air, gas grills cleaned and ready to go! Show off your skills-at-the-grill and your neighbors will come running.

The Sweet Spot

Who needs a membership at an expensive golf, or country club when, as a resident of Heatherwood, you’ll have access to not 1, but 2 fantastic golf courses! Play golf during specific weekday times at reduced rates! Ask about our club rules and access to the courses.

There are so many more conveniences and amenities that come with renting an apartment at Heatherwood…way too many to mention in a single blog post! Find out more by clicking here! Your next luxury rental apartment is waiting for you here at Heatherwood.

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