The Official “How-To” Guide for Trick or Treating in an Apartment Building or Complex!

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Children simply love the holidays! Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve…but nothing gets them more excited than celebrating – arguably their favorite holiday of the year…Halloween! The fun and enjoyment of this day should not stop just because you live in an apartment, here are some great ways to enjoy the "sweetest day of the year" without disappointment or inconvenience.

First Things First

If you’re new to your apartment complex, or if you have questions about the trick or treating procedures in your building, simply ask your community manager or building superintendent the rules. Some communities frown on kids running in the halls, stomping across the landscaping or knocking on door-after-door. Some landlords and residents see this practice as a nuisance to their residents. So be sure you know the rules before the big day arrives.


trick or treat sign

Spooky-Signs Up!

If allowed, go ahead and place Halloween decorations or an “open for business” sign on your door! Also quite helpful would be adding trick-or-treating hours on your sign or decorations. This helps parents and children know the best times to visit your apartment for some tasty treats.



Lobby for the Lobby
tower 28 lobby, long island city ny

Apartment buildings in New York City, Queens and Brooklyn sometimes have strict rules regarding trick-or-treating. So why not lobby the superintendent or landlord to create a “treat-or-treating station” in the lobby of your building! Handing out treats in the lobby is a great way to pleasantly dissuade children who arrive at your building looking to trick-or-treat inside. This is also a great idea for full time residents of the building. (Bonus Tip: Purchase ‘full-size’ candy bars for actual residents’ children, while leaving the ‘fun-size’ bars for visitors).



Got Scary Pets?

dog in halloween costumeMany apartment renters have dogs or cats that are a treasured part of their family. But pets are not appealing to everyone, especially if they’re barking and scaring children away on Halloween. So during trick-or-treating hours be sure to secure your pet, possibly in another room or in a kennel for the evening. This will help make the trick-or-treating experience pleasant for you and your guests while also keeping your dog or cat from running away each time the door opens.



Candy Alternatives

Not every child has a sweet tooth. Some children may even be allergic to chocolate or sweets. So be prepared (if you are able) to have candy alternatives in your treat basket. Crazy stickers or cool book covers are amazing options! Don’t worry about picking out the child who has allergies or is adverse to sweet treats, the youngster’s parent should be along for the ride as they come door to door – they will be sure to ask for the non-toxic delights.

Now you know the best way to enjoy Halloween with your children whether you live in an apartment on Long Island or in New York City! Have a Spooky Halloween.

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