Fitness Center Etiquette for Apartment Renters

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With autumn here and winter on the way, your “outdoor” workouts will rapidly be changing! Soon running or walking outside is something you’ll be doing exclusively indoors…at least till next spring. So if you’re not familiar with how to share workout space with your fellow apartment renters, let’s go through some basic fitness center etiquette.

Follow the Rules!

Many apartment rental complexes on Long Island and luxury apartment buildings in New York City typically post basic rules & regulations on the walls of the gym. Be sure to follow all the rules; this shows you have respect for other fitness center members. Remember, these folks are your neighbors as well.

Don’t Hog the Machines

Sure, working out on the “stepper” has quickly become the favorite part of your workout. But think about it, it may also be someone else’s favorite as well. Proper fitness center etiquette suggests you limit your time on a particular machine (simply follow the suggested guidelines as posted in your complexes fitness center). This allows you to get plenty of time on the machine while allowing others to use it as well. Showing this small courtesy-or even allowing others to use the machine first-is always good form.

Throw in a Towel

Some apartment complex fitness centers are not only equipped with everything you need for an awesome workout – they may even provide disinfectant bottles or “wipes” to help keep machines clean after each use. If your buildings’ fitness center doesn’t provide these products, simply bring a towel (or two) with you to remove perspiration from machine handles or seats after you’re done using the machine for the day.

Tone it down

Some fitness experts propose that working out to music can help extend your workout, as well as giving you a boost of energy and vitality! Although the trend calls for individuals to wear headphones while working out, some athletes believe playing loud music-that fills the room-is less cumbersome (for them), but is definitely less enjoyable for others. So before heading to the gym with “boom-box in hand” remember, the gym is a shared space. If you’re alone in the fitness center this may work fine, but if someone else arrives please be sure to have your earbuds at-the-ready! BONUS TIP: Some people think the treadmill is a great place to catch up with friends and family (meaning, they sometimes end up talking on the phone!). Please be courteous and make your personal calls before you head to the gym.

I’m on the Guest List!​
Typically, luxury rental apartment complexes will allow you to bring guests to the fitness centers and other amenity spaces. But be aware, the fitness center is not a daycare facility or hang out area. Please know, too many people gathered in a sometimes small workout space could be an inconvenience to your fellow fitness gurus and neighbors.

Wrap it up​

Here’s the best advice of all! Simply stick to the golden rule…”do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is great advice especially when it comes to sharing workout space with friends and neighbors.

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