Decorate (and Make the Most of) the Space Outside Your Apartment!

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The warm weather is here! Guests will be arriving soon and first impressions are everything! So here are some awesome tips for decorating “outside your apartment!”


Pretty Flowers on Steps
Is there a stoop or steps leading up to your apartment door? Great! Here’s an excellent way to make those stairs look fancy and inviting for your visitors. Add some planters of greens, reds and yellows to brighten-up the entrance. Vary the size and shapes of the pots and planters and place them on alternating steps. Remember to contrast the colors of the plants (you can even alternate the types of vegetation to coordinate with holidays); red, white and blue for 4th of July and so on. This will “energize” the entrance to your apartment and make folks feel welcome. Bonus Tip! Hostas mixed with Geraniums and a bit of Ivy in a planter is a great combination to get you started!

Terrace Dreams

Apartment patios and terraces often vary in size and shape so there really is no right or wrong way to decorate or utilize the space outside your apartment. But you should follow these two main rules-of-thumb… “Functionality” and “Comfort.” Decide whether you’ll be using the space to [simply] sit outdoors and take in the evening air or if you’ll be cooking and eating outside on hot summer nights? Either way, don’t be afraid to experiment and remember to always have fun! Local odd-job or box stores have great chair and table sets you can purchase. Or why not try; an outdoor rug along with seat cushions on an antique bench mixed with throw pillows and surrounded by tall planters with ferns and flowers! Whatever works for you! Remember…eclectic is in!

Simply a-“Door”-ableWElcome Mat

A clean, perfectly placed “welcome mat” is a fantastic way to decorate outside your apartment while also proving to be quite functional! And these days there are so many creative and unique style doormats. There are mats; with flowery designs, cute cartoon figures, famous quotes and so much more! Expressing yourself at the entrance to your apartment is a great way to let visitors know who they’re about to meet before they even ring the bell!

You’re invited to a Private Screening

Privacy is at a premium while living in an apartment. In some cases terraces and patios in apartment buildings in Brooklyn or Queens will be placed side-by-side. So adding a privacy screen can make all the difference between enjoying your outdoor space for 2 minutes or 2 hours! Always check with your landlord about the “type” of enclosure or screen you decide to use. There are designer screens that are available for purchase, or you can create one yourself! Use hanging plants, striped canvases, flowing sheets, decorative throws or good old fashioned insect screening. Whichever designs you choose, make sure it is secure and safe and will not fall over in a heavy wind. Remember, “Communicating with your Neighbors” is still at the top-of-the-list of “best practices” for successful apartment living.

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