Get’n “Digi” with it! The New Way to Search for an Apartment!

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There once was only a few ways to search for an apartment; “word of mouth”, the “classified section” of the newspaper, or “hiring a real estate agent.” But those days are long gone! With the Internet in the palm of everyone’s hand, the apartment search has become a breeze for those who are willing to embrace the technology. Here are just a few tips to help the savvy (or the rookie) apartment hunter.
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Start Your Search Engines!

Slapping generic search terms like; “affordable one bedroom apartment,” into Google or Yahoo is perfectly fine. But you’re not a generic person!! You’re special. You’ve got specific wants and needs that should go along with the perfect luxury apartment you desire. So, be sure you use the proper “keywords” when searching for your next apartment. Try typing in: “apartments with a pool.” Or, “apartments near me with tennis courts,” you get the idea. Searching for an apartment using the proper “search terms” will be sure to return results that contain the amenities and other essentials you are looking for in your next apartment.  

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Moving to a new apartment, especially in Brooklyn or Long Island City, usually comes with a commute to your office or place of business. So before you commit to the perfect luxury building, why not use the digital tools at your disposal like MapQuest (is this still a thing?) or Yahoo Maps to help you calculate your commute. The best part about these mapping tools is they can calculate a “walk score” or travel time using “public transit” or your “own vehicle.”

Virtual Reality

Too tired or simply, unable to travel to the location where your next apartment might be? Need to know if there’s shopping, convenience stores or schools nearby for the kids? Try virtually exploring the neighborhood by using “street view” in Google Maps. Technology has given us the ability to get right down to street level when searching, which offers you a unique perspective of the property in which you might choose to live. See the neighborhood that surrounds your proposed apartment building or complex without ever having to leave your chair!

search engine artUse Filters

No, we’re not talking coffee filters here…we’re talking about “search engine filters!” Most people simply look at the results their favorite search engine spits out without choosing to use the proper tools to “sort” their results.  Here’s a trick; try arranging your search by “most recent” listings or by “price low-to-high” or even dig-down-deep and do an “image search”. Doing this can save you time and ultimately save you money!

When apartment hunting, make sure you use every “digital tool” to your advantage. Heatherwood has a unique spot on the web where you can see floorplans, photos, videos and so much more! Get “Digi” with it and visit us here. And while you’re at it, why not share this post with your friends on Facebook or twitter. Or leave us a comment below with a unique way you found your last apartment on line.

4 thoughts on “Get’n “Digi” with it! The New Way to Search for an Apartment!

  1. I like your advice on using google maps to see the neighborhood without actually having to be there. It is a great way to get a simple feel for what the surrounding area is like. It can be advantageous if you are moving to an area far away like my wife and I are this summer.

  2. You can feel struggling in looking for the new apartment for yourself. But there are ways that can help you ease the struggle. Start with the search engine. Check out what Google can recommend you, then have a list of properties that you can check out. Determine which of them can meet your budget, and then visit the site personally so that you will have a clearer picture of what your life could be inside that apartment.

  3. My brother will be working in another city and plans to move in an apartment. He’s now looking up some real estate agents to help him find the perfect apartment. My sister also sent him this article to assist him in looking for an apartment.

  4. I like that you mentioned using search engine filters to narrow your search. Without them you could be on the internet looking for a long time. I am the kind of person that is a quick decision maker, so this will be useful.


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