Barbecuing Tips When Using a Public or Community Grill

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With summer coming to a close and BBQ time running out you may be wondering, “how can I grill safely and healthy on a community grill?” Well that’s why we are here…below are some of our best tips for good “clean” fun in the final days of summer 2017.

Park Style Grills

Park Style grills (like the one seen here) are the type of grills some apartment renters are used to using. So just how does one use these grills in a safe and Park Style Grillhealthy manner?

First, you’ll want to invest in a grill brush. These items can be found inexpensively at home stores or hardware shops. A good grill brush can start your grilling experience off right!

Alternately, if you don’t have a grill brush, you can wad up a ball of aluminum foil and scrape the grill before you begin to add your coals. Lastly, try cutting a large onion in half and rubbing it across the grill. This is an easy way to clean AND add flavor to your meal.

Clean Sweep

A small brush or stiff piece of cardboard can help you clean out the bottom portion of the grill that has any leftover ashes or debris left behind by other visitors or the weather.

Cover it up!

Cover the grill top with aluminum foil and remember to poke tiny holes in the foil with a fork (or toothpick) to let juices pass through. This method is also great for keeping the flames (from those greasy burgers) from flaring up and scorching your food (or your eyebrows).

Skew Your Food!

Skewers (or Kabobs) are one of the best types of foods to cook on a Park Style grill. Chicken, veggies and fruits can make a healthy and satisfying meal on the grill and almost guarantees you won’t lose a piece of meat to the fiery charcoal gods.

Gas Grills

You should follow the same rules of cleaning and scraping the grill top when using a public gas grill (only here you won’t have to clean out any debris or coal ashes below the grill surface). Remember, gas grilling stations like the ones you’ll find at Heatherwood in Brooklyn or Long Island City, are there for everyone’s enjoyment and proper etiquette dictates; 1) you clean up after yourself and 2) don’t hog the grill! Other residents want a piece of the action too. So be a good neighbor and share the grilling stations appropriately.

Shiny Gas GrilllLet the Flames Begin!

Last minute tips include:

  • Early Bird: Arrive early to get the best spot & the best table (preferably one in the shade)!
  • The Table: Bring your own tablecloth. Nothing makes an outdoor cookout more pleasurable than having a comfortable table setting. This will also alleviate the need for you to clean the table with too much effort when you arrive.
  • Fork in the Road: Run to the dollar store prior to your cookout and pick up some plastic tumblers, lightweight dishes and utensils…don’t use disposable cutlery…you deserve better! Plus, less garbage means you’re being more environmentally conscious.
  • Take a Side: Bags of chips just won’t cut it at your BBQ! Pack all your side dishes in Tupperware and bring them along! Prepared salads, pickles, slaws and condiments (like lettuce & onions) round out a satisfying lunch or dinner.
  • Clean Up: Lastly, be sure to bring garbage and Ziploc bags for leftovers and the any trash you may create. Leaving a clean grilling station will make you the envy of the rest of your apartment complex.
Do you have a tip or trick we haven't listed here…feel free the leave us a comment below!

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