The Apartment Renters Handbook to: The Wonderful World of Galley Kitchens!

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When people hear the term “Galley Kitchen” they usually think of a kitchen on a ferry, an airplane or RV. But today, Galley Kitchens are everywhere and are actually ultra-high-end, functional and come with plenty of storage space. Below are just a few reasons why Galley Kitchens have become so popular!

Within Reach

Kitchen at 27 on 27th in Long Island City, NY

Galley Kitchens are great because not only are they are easy to clean, they’re also perfect for the cook who likes to have everything within their reach! From stove to fridge, microwave to table, a simple “jump to the left,” or a “step the right” and you’re adding a splash of cream and a dash of spice to your dishes like a pro! Take that Bobby Flay.

Private Party

Galley Kitchen At Heatherwood's Colony Park

Why is the kitchen the focal point of every party? Because…it’s where all the food is! The good news; a Galley Kitchen is often separated from the living and dining space in an apartment which affords the cook the ultimate in privacy while they’re cooking (it also allows the cook a mistake now and then without partygoers being so critical!). Plus, cooking in privacy is a great way to “reveal the meal” to hungry guests!

Don’t Wait…Decorate!

Galley Kitchen at Heatherwood Luxury Rentals

When decorating a standard kitchen in an apartment tenants often struggle trying to match the décor in the kitchen to the rest of the rooms in the apartment–when what they really want to do is–give the space its own individual personality and identity. Well fear not, with a Galley Kitchen you can create a singular look for the room without having to worry about disrupting the theme you’ve set for the rest of your apartment. So don’t wait, decorate.

Clean Sweep

View Into a Open Ended Galley Kitchen

Today’s busy apartment dwellers will simply LOVE the fact that cleaning a Galley Kitchen is super simple! Counter space and stoves can sometimes be located conveniently adjacent to the sinks and dishwashers–making clean up a breeze! You’ll put away dishes and silverware in seconds and wiping off counters and putting away condiments has never been easier (just ask the person who has a kitchen the size of a stadium; they’ve got to be exhausted after every meal!). Save all that walking and cardio for the fitness center in your complex.


Have a thought or idea about a Galley Kitchen that we forgot to mention? Leave us a comment below. And now that you know how great a Galley Kitchen can be, why not check out our available units! A good portion of Heatherwood Luxury Rentals come with Galley Kitchens and are equipped with stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and more!

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