Decorating Your Apartment using Form and Function

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“Form follows Function” is an architecture and design principal as old as time. Defined it means; “the shape of [a building] or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.” For residents who are decorating their apartments and may be working with limited space, this is a perfect rule to live by. Here are some great examples for you try out.

The Ottoman Empire

Ottomans are small, sturdy and practical. Ottomans usually always fall into one-or all three of these categories. They’re “small” and great for placing at the foot of a chair (for putting your feet on after a long day). They’re “sturdy,” let’s say you’re having a get-together and need extra seating, ottomans are the perfect solution! Lastly, some ottomans double as storage units for blankets, pillows, even dog toys (now that’s “practical”). Ottomans, one household item so many functions.

Kitchen-AidesCollapsable Bowl

The kitchen is where Form and Function really comes in handy. Silicon bowls are great for prepping and storage after the meal. These handy gadgets collapse nicely so you can place them in draws until they’re ready for their next use. In addition, something as simple as a cheese grater now comes in collapsible Form. So seek out items like these when stocking the kitchen in your new apartment.


Sofa, So Good

The oldest trick in the book still has perfect Form and Function for apartments on Long Island or in New York City…they’re called Sofa-Beds! You may know them by other names such as; Sleepers, Sleeper-Sofas, Murphy Beds, Couch-Beds or Futons. Either way sofa-beds are perfect for overnight guests or just camping out when your significant other has a cold. These items used to have the reputation of being an uncomfortable nightmare but today, sofa-beds are considered cozy and comfortable. A Murphy bed has grown in popularity as they provide the comfort of an actual mattress and the portability and space saving technology every apartment renter desires.


You Raise Me Up

Loft BedWhen it comes to children’s bedrooms, floor space is always limited, so why take up all that floor space with a regular full size bed when loft beds are available!?! Loft beds take the mattress off the floor and raise it up towards the ceiling. Not only is this fun for the kids but it is great for adding a desk to the room or an extra dresser without making the space feel cramped. Form and Function at its best!


No Rest in This Room

DIY Bath Storage ShelfBetween cotton balls, Q-Tips, hand towels, hairspray, blow dryers, curling irons, toothpaste and so on, bathroom cabinets can get quite full, real fast. So this room is where you’ll really want to use the Form and Function rule to its fullest!  Try using smart-hooks or pegs on the walls to hang things like towels or hairbrushes. Purchase tall, slim, stand-alone shelfing that will provide a place to stack hand towels, lotions and soaps. Or DIY a row of mason jars that will store Q-Tips, cotton balls, makeup remover and the like. Also, if your apartment contains a pedestal sink, place some wicker baskets underneath to hold bath towels and extra paper products.


Have any other storage or Form and Function ideas that you use in your apartment? Let us know by using the comment section below. Or share this blog post with a friend on Twitter or Google+.

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