Apartment Renters Tips for the New Year!

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It’s no secret the landscape for apartment renters is always changing and 2018 is expected to be no different. Experts say with the New Year, comes new opportunities. So here are a few valuable apartment renters’ tips to help jump-start your apartment search.

Get the Word Out!

If you think 2018 is the year you’ll be getting out and getting your own place (or maybe you’re just thinking of moving from one apartment building to another) the holiday season is the best way to lay that ground work. So, while you’re out celebrating and spreading holiday cheer, tell your friends and relatives that you will be looking for a new apartment (or that you’re moving to a new town or city). Once the “word” is out, and folks know you are fine with them “chiming-in” on your apartment search, a huge portion of your initial leg-work will be done.

90 Days or Bust!

AAppointment book with fancy pen good rule of thumb when searching for an apartment in New York City, Brooklyn or Long Island City and (to a lesser extent) Long Island apartment complexes is to plan 90 days in advance of your proposed move in date. Begin by speaking to leasing agents and ask them what leases may be coming up for renewal. Ask them how many units they may have available in the future and ask if you can take a look at a specific apartment (or one like it). Request to see the location of the unit (this way you can visualize how you might feel living on one side of the building or complex as opposed to another) and be sure to ask if it is ok for you to visit the complex one or more times in the future to get a sense of what it may be like to live there. Doing this will take some planning but it will also remove the last-minute “guess work” you may face in the future.

Apply On-Line

Woman at laptop sipping coffeeTechnology in every industry has advanced so fast it’s seems like a huge task just to keep up. But real estate leasing firms and building management companies (like Heatherwood) have been able to stay current to help make the application process a breeze! It’s so easy these days to fill out an application and get approved…you can do it from virtually anywhere on the planet! Filling out applications early [and receiving approval] will save you time and gets one more thing out-of-the-way while you wait for the apartment of your choice to become available.

Generation Z

Real estate experts agree the economy in the coming year is expected to stay strong. This phenomenon will allow apartment hunters to be “financially confident” while shopping for vacant rentals. These residents may finally be able to afford to “trade-up” to a newer, more luxurious apartment style (possibly one with the amenities and features they’ve always dreamed of). In addition, as Generation Z (the generation born after 1995), leave college and flood this (inventory rich rental market), the potential for deals and/or lower rents will create opportunities for every apartment hunter as now, both new and experienced renters, can take their time to “sniff-out” the most affordable options.Generation Z Male looking at Newspaper

Do you have any apartment hunting tips you’d like to share with us? Leave us a comment in the section below! Or if you’re looking to join the thousands of new residents in a Heatherwood community, search for your own apartment here.

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