Moving into Your New Apartment During the Winter Months

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Moving into a new apartment any time of year can sometimes be difficult, but moving into an apartment during the winter months can be especially challenging! Here’s some great advice that’ll help make your move during the cold winter months a breeze.

Layer up

Remember to dress in layers for the move. As your body heats up, due to continuous activity, being able to remove layers of clothing can make it more comfortable for you and will also be helpful when the move becomes more of an “indoor activity.” Also, don’t forget to bring gloves with a good grip! Not only will these types of gloves keep your hands warm but it will make dropping something fragile less likely.

Time is on Your Side

Leave extra time on both ends of your move. Inclement weather may put hitch-in-your –moving-plans, delaying the arrival of friends or the moving company. Also, cold weather can make getting into full-swing of the move a bit harder. So plan ahead and be sure to get a good night sleep the night before and you should be good to go.


Chill or be chilled

Items that are vulnerable to damage due to extreme cold weather (computers, musical instruments or fragile glassware come to mind). Make sure these items are packed in climate controlled trucks or simply keep these items in heated vehicles during the move.

Don’t Pack Your Winter Stuff

This one sounds counter-intuitive right? But what this really means is: if a surprise snowstorm hits on the day of your move you may end up having to shovel a path from the moving truck to your door. So keep shovels, ice scrapers and a bag of ice-melt handy (inside your car or in the moving van), you’ll be glad you did.

Pack Your Pets

Pets can often be a distraction while moving during any season, but as moving during cold winter months already presents a challenge, why not leave your pets with a friend (or in a doggy day care) for the day. Get yourself settled in your new place first and introduce your pets to their new home when all the commotion is over.

Cleaning Crew

No, we’re not talking about a maid or cleaning service for your apartment, what we are saying is for you to have extra towels handy; to wipe off any residual snow or sleet that may have accumulated on a box while in transport from the truck to your door. Also, have some padding (or old throw rugs) available that you can place on the floors of your new place for extra grip and for soaking up mud or snow that may be dragged-in during the move.

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One thought on “Moving into Your New Apartment During the Winter Months

  1. Moving operations became very challenging task during the winter season due to the extreme lower temperature. Hence, it is always recommended to avoid moving during the winter season. However, If it is really necessary, then steps should be taken very carefully. First of all, the moving company should be hired in advance. Weather patterns should be analyzed properly before the moving process. Belongings should be properly packed during winter season to prevent the adverse effects of the extreme temperature on the belongings during the whole process of moving.


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