Apartment Checklist: 7 Things to Do Before You Go on Vacation

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Going away on vacation can be both exciting and stressful. What with all the packing, making flight plans and dinner reservations. But don’t forget before you head out, it’s important to take care of things both inside-and-outside of your apartment too. Below you’ll find 7 great tips to help make planning to leave your apartment a little easier.

1: Get the Message Out

There may be a clause in your tenant agreement that instructs you to message your landlord or community superintendent that your apartment will be empty for a week or more while you are away. Even if there isn’t such clause in your lease, it’s always a good idea to tell someone in management (or a trusted neighbor) that you will be away.

2: Unplug It!Unplugging

You may be bound to paying electric bills while your home, but there is no rule that says you have to accumulate electrical costs while you’re away! By unplugging electronics and appliances like toasters, computers, coffeemakers, TV’s (things that use electricity even when they are not in use), you’ll definitely be saving some dough. Go ahead, spend that money you just saved on a souvenir t-shirt…you deserve it.

3: Take out the Papers and the Trash

There’s nothing worse than coming home to an apartment where the garbage has not been thrown out for a week or so. A full trash can left unattended will leave an awful smell in your apartment that will be tough to get rid of. So be sure one of the last things you do before you lock-up, is throw out the trash! You and your neighbors will be glad you did.

4: Put your Mail on Hold

This is the one task that most apartment renters fail to accomplish before they leave for vacation. Don’t come home to an overstuffed mailbox, crumpled envelopes or missed packages. Be sure to contact the post office in your area to place your mail on hold, or visit www.usps.com to take care of this chore on-line, you can even do this from the airport!

 5: Where are my Keys?

A large keychain full of car keys, gym membership tags and shoppers club cards can really weigh you down on your trip. An easy trick here is to leave behind all the keys and cards you will not be using on your trip. Simply place your apartment entry key, or electronic building fob, onto a simple key loop. Now you can toss that slimmed down key ring in your carry-on or make-up case…easy-peasy.

6: The Time of Your LightsLamp on a timer

Having lights come on every evening while you’re away can help keep mischief around your apartment to a minimum. Plus, lights on timers will also help save you money! Floor lights or table lamps that turn off in-the-day and on at night is a great way to give you some peace of mind. Close your blinds as well to help keep prying eyes away from your valuables.


7: Clean and Be Cleaned

Lastly, clean your apartment before you go. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long vacation to fresh sheets on the bed and an empty laundry basket (to place soiled clothes in from your trip). This task may be difficult to accomplish but will be a wonderful welcome home treat.

There are so many other things you can do before you leave your apartment for vacation (way too many to mention here), but adjusting your thermostat, taking care of your plants and arranging pet care are just a few more things you can add to your list. If we failed to mention any other tips you think are important, please leave us a comment below. Have a good trip!

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