5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Luxury Apartment Renters

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Are you looking for ways to give your apartment that long awaited spring re-boot it desperately needs? Heatherwood Luxury Rentals has got you covered! Below are some great spring cleaning tips every apartment renter needs to know.

Open the Windows

On the first cool breezy day, be sure to open the windows in your apartment and let that good-clean-air flush away all the odors and dust that has been lying around all winter. This won’t replace you actually having to dust your furniture (in fact you may have to sweep up some stray dust bunnies that sneak out from under your sofa), but doing this will surely let in that fresh spring air every apartment needs.

Wrap it up

Time to get all those afghan’s, pillows and heavy blankets off the beds and couches and replace them with new fresh pillows and throws that are more appropriate for spring. If your favorite blanket has been through the mill, toss it in the wash or donate it to your favorite charity. It’s OK; you shouldn't need a heavy blanket in your apartment for at least 6 more months!

Minimize and Downsize

Spring time is a great time to review the décor and accessories that are (inside and outside) your apartment. Ditch the old magazines and junk mail that have been piling up; replace those tired paintings or old photos on your wall with beach scenes or sunsets. And when it comes to outside, did you know select Heatherwood apartments come with patios or terraces? Now is the time to spruce up these outdoor spaces as well. Start by sweeping-away debris, re-organizing outdoor furniture and tossing out all those items that took a beating during the winter months.

Go Green

Bring some flowers, new house plants and fresh herbs into your apartment. The plants serve as both decoration and will provide fresh air and warmth to your home. Fresh flowers will give you a feeling of luxury, and the herbs in your kitchen will provide decoration and health benefits for you and your family all year long.

Bedroom Bliss

The bedroom is a place that often gets overlooked during spring cleaning, but this room needs attention too. Spring is definitely the right time to strip the bed of that heavy quilt or maybe you’re thinking it’s time to re-do your entire bedroom set (from the bed skirt to top cover). Be sure to purchase light colors (like pale blues, pinks or greens). These colors will brighten your room and make it feel more spring-like right out of the box!

Have any valuable spring cleaning tips you’d like to pass along to our readers, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. My sister is planning to move closer to her office and she’s now looking for an apartment. It was mentioned here that in a new apartment, she should open the windows for cleaning. Moreover, it’s recommended to consult real estate experts when planning to rent an apartment.


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