5 Apartment Rental Myths…Busted!

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Renting an apartment can sometimes be a challenge. And some of the old myths you’ve held in your mind for years have long since been changed. Join us as we “bust some myths” that’ll make renting your next apartment less stressful.

Myth: “I’ll Never Be Able To Qualify For A Lease With My Credit!”

Apartment Credit decisionsMyth Busted! Less than perfect credit doesn’t mean you won’t be approved, it just means you’ll have to work a bit harder to get into the apartment you desire. Some tips that should help you qualify easier include; submitting copies of your recent pay stubs, forwarding recommendation letters from previous landlords, or applying for the apartment with a roommate. Don’t let the fear of being declined keep you from moving into the apartment you’ve always dreamed of.

Myth: “Living In An Apartment Just Isn’t Convenient!”

Myth Busted! Let’s imagine you’re living in a private home and your sink or toilet needs repair. You’ll be on theFitness Center at Tower 28 by Heatherwood phone all day attempting to find a repair man or service technician. And just try to get them to come when it is convenient for you! Conversely, living in a luxury apartment and needing that same plumbing repair means simply placing a call or sending an email to the maintenance crew (or customer service dept.) and your repair could be done in just hours! Apartment dwellers know service like this is always just a phone call away!

Myth: “Luxury Apartments Are Poorly Constructed And Maintained.”

Myth Busted! In fact the opposite is true! Construction guidelines and state laws often require apartment buildings in New York, Brooklyn or Queens be held to strict construction and building standards. Just because the apartment you’ve got your eye-on seems like an unbelievable deal doesn’t mean the building is poorly constructed or you’re being short-changed in any way.

Myth: “The Cost Of Rent Is Set In Stone.”

Apartments in long Island city queensMyth Busted! While it’s true most luxury rentals and their monthly rents are fixed, it by no means-means you won’t have any leverage while negotiating your rental agreement. Here are a couple of tips; ask about a longer lease agreement. Landlords and leasing agents appreciate not having to turn their units over year-after-year, so if you are willing to commit to a longer lease agreement you may have the ability to negotiate a month free or a price reduction. Also consider the time of year you decide to rent. Research the area and find out when deals are customarily announced, then seize the opportunity when that time comes. Bonus Tip: Winter months are often the best time to grab affordable rental deals.

Myth: “There Just Isn’t Enough Privacy.”

Myth Busted! Rental communities today routinely consider the privacy of their residents when they are apartments with privacyconstructing (or restructuring) their complexes. Most luxury apartment buildings or complexes are becoming more resort like with larger areas to relax along with personalized amenities for tenants. When it comes to the interior of the apartments, construction guidelines are dictating that a minimum of soundproofing be installed and that separation between units also be considered. All of these issues have been addressed and changed throughout the years making renting an apartment more private than ever!

Tips like these can always be found on our blog at Heatherwood.com. Take a look around for more tips and tricks to help you when renting an apartment on Long Island, or in Brooklyn or Queens.

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