The 5 Best “Under-Twenty-Dollar-Must-Haves” For Every Apartment!

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When renting an apartment on Long Island, Brooklyn or Queens, saving space and money is always at the top of the list. Here’s a bunch of unique and clever gadgets that are perfect for every Heatherwood apartment renter.

Rise Up

Apartment renters are always looking for more storage. In most cases, a tenant’s rarely-used items are typically found squished underneath the bed. Well, we’ve found a way to increase your storage space and clear out your closets in one-fell-swoop! Check out these stackable furniture risers. These things are so handy; they even come in colors to match your bedroom’s décor. It’s like getting an additional closet in your apartment for under-twenty bucks!

If You Like It, Than You Should Put a Cap on it!

Dishwashers are available in a majority of rental Dishwasher capsapartments these days, and Heatherwood Luxury Rental Apartments are no exception! But let’s face it even a one year-old appliance can have a blemish or two. An easy fix are these Universal Rack Tine Prong Cover Caps. That’s a long way of saying…”these things work!” Just find the missing plastic prong in your dishwasher and “cap it” with one of these! You’ll be saving your glasses from chips, and your wallet (from thinning out). These unique little gadgets are available for under-ten bucks!


Spaghetti Monster and Meatballs

Spaghetti MonsterKids will just love this strainer/colander that makes Sunday spaghetti day an intergalactic experience! For under-twenty-bucks you can get even the most finicky eater ready to dig in. This appliance functions as a colander, strainer, and a server. Get ready for a strange encounter on your kitchen counter and lock your doors when this bug eyed wonder is let loose in your apartment.

This Thing is Grate!

We all know that saving space when renting a small apartment is paramount! Well here’s a wayFolding Grater you can bring another full-service appliance into your kitchen for under $15 bucks! You’ll glide through dinner prep with ease as you slice, chop or grate veggies and cheeses like nobody’s business. And when you’re done, this grater folds away into a space no bigger than your smartphone!
Call the kids, supper’s ready!

Duds and Suds

The majority of Heatherwood Luxury Rental apartments come equipped with washers and dryers right in their units! But for those of you who Collapsible Laundry Basketare making your way to one of Heatherwood’s newly renovated laundry pavilions you’ll need one of these! It’s the Collapsible Laundry Basket! Just load the basket with your dirty duds and detergents, then collapse-and-store-it-away in a space that’s less than 2 inches wide! Easy to carry, easy to store, laundry day just got a whole lot easier!

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