Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations in Your Apartment

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Live and Let Live

We all know closet space in your apartment is always at a premium, so the first thing you need to do is ditch that artificial tree & purchase a “live” one. This way when the holidays are over, all you need to do is dispose of the tree according to your sanitation companies pick up schedule and you’re done! No struggling to pack it away and having it eat up all your available closet space. Sure, you may have to vacuum an extra time or two, but saving all that space in your apartment will be worth it.



Everything within Wreath

Can’t live without your favorite holiday wreath? Well this year you won’t have to! Storage bags that fit neatly under your bed or in a drawer can be purchased at home stores everywhere. But, if you’re looking for a DIY solution…here it is! Simply take the wreath from your apartment door at the end of the holiday season, attach it to a standard clothes hanger (see cover photo). Cover with a plastic bag and you’re done. Hang it in the back of your closet for easy access next year.



Good Things Come In…

Now’s the time to start planning for post-season packing and the storing away of all your holiday decorations. Most of the gifts you’ll receive this year will come in boxes, bags or containers. So why not be a good up-cycler this season and save these items to use for storing away your all holiday decorations. Keep a lookout for; “liquor boxes” (these come with handy cardboard separators built right in!). Maybe you’ve received new tennis balls this year (save the container, these make an excellent place to store beads or garland—and it has its own cover!). Flat boxes (like the kind that come from amazon) are perfect for storing your Menorah. Lastly, used coffee cans make a great place to store holiday lights. These empty cans can hold a lot of items and have a cover to keep everything in place.



An Apple a Day

With all the hoopla around plastic recycling these days this next idea might be hard to find. But if you’re the person that gets holiday fruit deliveries (like me), save these fancy see-through apple or pear holders. These items are simply perfect for storing holiday decorative balls. You can see all the decorations with ease; they are protected from breakage, and take up virtually no space at all! An alternate to this trick is to look for cardboard egg cartons. If you’ve got precious smaller items that need storage (and protection) look no further than the cardboard egg cartons you can find in supermarkets everywhere!



Not a DIY-ER?

Lastly, if you’re not ready to start a DIY project right after the busiest time of the year, there are always storage solutions made perfectly to meet your holiday decoration and storage standards. Look for these types of storage solutions at home, and big box stores everywhere. Guess what? Here’s what you can finally purchase with those stray gift cards you get from distant relatives this season.




Have storage solutions or ways to save space in your apartment post-holiday season? Leave us a comment below. Happy Holidays from everyone here at Heatherwood Luxury Rentals.

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