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The Best Advice for Parents Living in a Luxury Apartment

Have a teenager living in your apartment? How about a 6 year old or an infant? With over 60 years in the apartment management and maintenance business, Heatherwood knows renting an apartment with children can alter your daily routine and impact the lives of others. A successful living arrangement for you–and your neighbors–depends on a…

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Why renting an apartment can boost your quality of life

Why Renting an Apartment Can Boost your Quality Of Life The stigma attached to renting an apartment has consistently dwindled over the years. Recently, especially among Long Island and New York City residents where the cost of owning a home has skyrocketed, renting a luxury apartment has become the norm rather than the exception. And…

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6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Apartment !

Adults living in apartments are always looking for new ways to make their apartment more personal, more unique toward their own individual styles and tastes. Most landlords don’t allow minor construction or even adding new paint to your rooms. So in an effort to make the apartment you’re renting more… you!, here’s a list of…

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