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Apartment renters are always looking to take the road less cluttered. Whether you’re living in an apartment in Brooklyn, Queens or on Long Island, storage room is a crucial factor when it comes to having an organized home. All residents of Heatherwood Luxury Rentals are guaranteed closet space, but that’s no reason to stuff your…

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Create a More Soundproof Apartment with These 5 Tips!

No matter what apartment you choose to rent you must remember, your new friends and neighbors will be living very close. Some neighbors will be on the floor above you, some below, or they may be right next door! But don’t despair, there ‘are’ ways you can live in your apartment quietly and comfortably; here…

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Quick Tips To Turn The Average Apartment Renter Into The Ultimate BBQ Host!

Attention Apartment Renters: get your aprons ready because BBQ season is upon us and it’s your turn to host! Backyard space can sometimes be limited when renting an apartment on Long Island, Brooklyn or Queens, but that’s no reason for apartment renters to throw in the towel! Transform into the perfect BBQ host with these quick tips!     INQUIRE ABOUT…

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