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7 Must-Have Tools Every Apartment Renter Should Have in Their Toolbox

When renting a luxury apartment these days you can almost always expect there will be a well-trained maintenance staff that will handle most of the big projects in-and-around your apartment. But for the little jobs (i.e. hanging a picture or building a tv stand) there will always be a need for some everyday tools every…

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Tips on Hiding Holiday Gifts in Your Apartment

Storage and closet space has been a life-long problem for homeowners and apartment renters alike. Let’s face it every home (apartment or not) can always use more storage space. Which begs the question, what do you do around the holidays when trying to hide those holiday gifts from prying-eyes? Well here’s a quick list of…

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Apartment renters are always looking to take the road less cluttered. Whether you’re living in an apartment in Brooklyn, Queens or on Long Island, storage room is a crucial factor when it comes to having an organized home. All residents of Heatherwood Luxury Rentals are guaranteed closet space, but that’s no reason to stuff your…

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